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Guest Blog - Rachel Winsper

To be honest I'm not exactly sure how I found Rachel  @winsperdesignprint, I think through a fellow artists. But as soon as I was introduced to her I fell in...

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In Conversation With Helen Martino

Helen Martino has been a potter for over 40 years. Helen’s journey to becoming a renowned potter started when she went to Farnham School of Art and then onto the...

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Guest Blog - Kate Millbank

I am very excited to introduce Kate Millbank to those of you following the Designed & Created Guest blog. Kate is a printmaker and designer who works with lino printing...

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Guest Blog - Tilly Currah

Hi, Where to start with introducing you to Tilly! Well I met Tilly (virtually) when she was enquiring as a customer on Designed and Created. It was her birthday well...

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Guest Blog - Sara Moore

I met Sara (virtually) about a year ago when I fell in love with her Instagram feed  and then read an interview she had done and wanted to know more....

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My Interior Design Journey

As the creative behind Designed & Created, I thought I would share my interior design journey and what shaped my love of print, colour, art, and design. Plus, a need...

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