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Alternative Wall Art Inspiration

As we have all sought to make our homes more beautiful during lockdown, and as we prepare to welcome our loved ones back inside our homes, this year has definitely seen a rise in wall hangings. You you cant go anywhere without seeing a wide spread of amazing macramé hangings and the high street shops are definitely featuring a variety of incredible wall décor for ways to update your home!

If you're considering buying something special for your home, don't rush off to the shops as you have amazing makers here in the UK that can all offer you something even more beautiful and handmade with love. 

Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of macramé... But how about these alternatives!

Basketry Wall Art:

Get the Anthropologie look with basketry on your walls from local basket makers.

Picture credit: Anthropologie

Two of my favourites are the Willow With Roots mother and daughter team making the most amazing work, check out all of their stunning weaving! Mix up your wall art with their amazing hearts and stars, look how good they look:

Or look at this amazing collaboration between Nadine Anderson & Helen Martino Ceramics - we have one on our wall and it's an amazing collaboration of willow making and ceramics.

Tapestry, Quilts & Wall Hangings:

Get the French Connection look by hanging a rug or handmade, quilted wall hanging.

Check out Studio Coverdale by Natalie (left image below), she even shows you how to hang your blanket, or Amanda West (right image below). Both do beautiful blanket/throws all that can be hung on a wall and look great in a bedroom as a feature behind the bed.

Not brave enough to go that big or want a more mid-century look? Buy a feature wall hanging from us by Ria Beeson.

Paper, Card & Wood Wall Art

Even the smallest of things can make a difference to a wall, so let's take a look at two amazing makers working with paper and card and wood! Firstly, Kate Millbank makes the most gorgeous wall-mounted birds that I have my eye on, all screen printed by her on FSC approved birch plywood - so simple but so stunning.

Secondly, the brilliant East End Press make the most stunning colourful garlands that you can string across your walls, with different themes to choose from.

Ceramic Wall Art

Last but not least, Helen Martino makes the most stunning 3 dimensional ceramic wall art all handmade and hand-decorated from clay, only available at in a whole host of styles and sizes 

From Conversational Ones:

To ones about nature and walks:

All simply hang on your wall for an eye-catching, show-stopping visual.

So, hopefully that has given you some alternative wall art inspiration, all from UK makers and all made with skill, talent and love!

Laura x


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