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We thought we would pull together some of our May favourites from the D&C site, so I asked our resident artists and makers about the items they have bought or have their eye on. It's a common fact that artists commonly buy from each other, and this community feel and support is something we have always promoted at D&C. In no particular order, here are our artists' choice products this month!

Chosen by Sophie Delarny, one of our resident potters, was Helen Martino's Walk in the Woods Ceramic Wall Art.

Sophie said, "I love the abstract suggestion of woodland, simple but very effective. The colours remind me of a still evening walk in the woods, and the fact that it is ceramic wall art is very unusual and unique."

Lovers by Verity Hensey has been selected by Ria Beeson, our resident textile designer and maker! Ria said, "I love the simplicity of it and as I am soon to be moving house, it would fit in well with the aesthetic I have planned for the interiors."

Gentle Slope Cushions by Izzie Kemp have been chosen by both Rebecca Tucker and Helen Martino in the monochrome and lilac colourways.

Helen said, "I love Izzie’s knitted cushion covers. I love the restrained colour and strong geometric design. They gave my sitting room a real uplift!"

Helen also chose Rebecca's Tiny Trees, explaining that "They seem exotic with their gold surrounds, yet have a very English feel."

Rebecca's other choice was Helen's Flying for Fun Wall Art. Rebecca said, "I love the ideas behind the process of working with ceramics, so this piece really appeals to me as the oxides and finish colours sound so interesting."

Rebecca's final choice is Sophie's Landscape Mug which was also chosen by Verity Hensey. Rebecca wants to add to her already massive mug collection and Verity says they are beautiful: " They would make my daily coffee even more special!"

And Heather Kelman agrees and wants the full dinner service: " The entire ceramics set of Sophie Delarny is absolutely beautiful and I’d love to have it in my home. Love the versatility of the collection and is something that would stand the test of time both in style and versatility." Well said, Heather - I couldn't agree more!


Horizon Ceramic Wall Art by Helen Martino is Izzie Kemp's choice. Izzie explained, "I would usually pick something beautiful but also functional but wall art is a totally different matter altogether.  Firstly, I don't have anything like this on my walls, I very much like the idea of introducing a different media onto my walls.

And the second reason is that I love that this beautiful piece is a series of 3 that tie into each other but at the same time are individually unique. And the use of metallic leaf really brings another dimension, bringing to life the idea of the horizon running through each piece, creating some beautiful movement as a whole."

My latest buy was this gorgeous print, The Palm House Kew Gardens by Heather KelmanKew Gardens is one of my favourite places and it brings happy memories!

So why don't you check out our Artists & Makers May favourites, and have a browse? 

Laura x

Founder of D&C

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