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Emma Fisher makes such beautiful things from something as seemingly simple as a piece of paper. She is one of those true creatives with a clear vision and a practical approach. Looking at her work you will see the beauty of the detail and how the paper is deftly played with.

Emma started off working in fashion. After having children and being fed up with the commute and long hours, decided to work locally, to balance a working life with motherhood.

Having learnt to make a three-dimensional star, her interest in Origami has led to her succeeding at making lampshades that are modern and simple, designed to last and can be recycled at the end of their lives.

Let’s find out more from Emma herself.

Laura: Welcome Emma to the Guest Blog. Do tell us a little bit about yourself and where you’re based?

Emma: My name is Emma and I run a small independent design studio called FoldedSIDEProject from my home in North East Essex. I hand fold unique paper lamp shades, lights and decorations for people who are looking for beautiful objects to enhance their home or work space. All of my products are hand crafted using high quality materials and recycled papers from sustainable sources. Creating a modern feel in any home.

L: How did your journey start as a designer, especially working with Origami?

E: I studied at Winchester School of Art and worked in fashion design for over 10 years, I took some time out when my daughter arrived, working part time for a traditional lampshade maker. I started folding paper after learning how to make a paper star from a Danish friend. Every Christmas I would fold stars and give them as gifts to friends and family and I still do. I decided to see what else I could make out of folded paper and so my journey began. I became fascinated with the process of taking something very flat and creating a unique three-dimensional form. I spent some time learning more about the process and began developing a range. Finally, with some trepidation, I attended my first Craft Market. I sold some shades! The feedback I received was fantastic.

L: Why Lampshades? Also what else do you design?

E: I couldn't find a lampshade for my living room so I decided to try making a lampshade out of paper. After lots of experimenting and play I made my first folded lampshade. Lighting is so important to a space and can make or break an interior. I

love how a lamp or lampshade can completely alter a space. I also design and make paper decorations for the home which are really popular over Christmas time.

L: What do you enjoy the most about being a designer working with paper?

E: I am totally fascinated with the fragile nature of paper and its transformation into a solid structural three-dimensional object. When my lampshades are illuminated there seems to be a sense of balance between the fragile and the structural qualities.

I love the transformation that takes place. 

L: Describe your work in 5 words?

E: Simple. Sustainable. Elegant. Classic. Contemporary.

L: What or Who influences you?

E: At the moment I am very drawn to patterns in nature, plants and seed pods. A flower, a piece of wood from the beach or even an onion skin. I am very interested in Japanese and Scandinavian design. I am always looking, and I try to take inspiration from life and everything around me. Experimenting in my studio allows all those influences to fuse together somehow.

L: What's your next project? What have you got coming up?

E: I am working on a range of DIY kits which will launch in the autumn, to coincide with my pop-up shop in Fenwick, in Colchester.

L: What do you do when you're not creating?

E: Think about making, (she giggles). FoldedSIDEproject has become an everyday, evening and weekend project but I have just joined a book club to get myself back into reading novels!


Laura: thank you Emma, its been a pleasure finding out about you and listening to your journey so far, I cant wait to see more from @foldedsideproject

Your product is stunning, I'm off hunting a space for one of your lampshades and living in a Scandi inspired home I'm definitely filling it with your decorations come Christmas.

Please do go follow Emma on her journey and you can see her work here on her website 

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