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Having spent over 25 years in the fashion industry and watching the amount of wastage, it was really important that when starting D&C everything was handmade with minimal waste here in the UK to cut down on impact. As you know, it was very much about creating a community of artists and makers that weren’t mass producing, but were producing amazing items that we could all enjoy!

Meet Laura Elford who only uses deadstock fabric to stop it from going to Landfill

Laura has created the brand Elfi Bags, showing her incredible style which is simple but stylish, that’s also fun.

Laura works on small batches of designs, all made by her in her small studio space. Working with vintage and deadstock fabrics, the runs are very limited and unique. This creates a more sustainable supply chain, but also means more unique and one-off pieces! The Elfi bag always has a unique sense of fun and femininity, with the Elfi signature scallop edge being a prominent feature. Key Elfi elements are being fashion forward but also timeless, hence the use of beautiful vintage textiles sourced from local flea markets, antiques auctions and charity shops. 


Fun Facts About Laura:

  • She studied fashion MA at Royal College of Art
  • She would say herself she is a classic artistic left-handed Pisces 
  • She grew up on a Dairy Farm surrounded by cows and hens
  • She is a collector of Vintage handbags


In conversation with Laura!

Laura: How /when did Elfi start?

Elfi started in 2020 as a way to express my creative side more freely and as a result of a topsy turvy 2020.

Elfi is a fashion forward accessories brand with everything made by me. Elfi has a real sense of fun and humour with a feminine handwriting. I use all deadstock and vintage fabrics. Initially this was out of my love for finding vintage and unwanted beauties and making them new but also it tied into my love for the planet and keenness to reduce the impact we have on our beautiful planet. 

L: What’s the Best thing about working with deadstock etc?

The best thing is the buzz of finding treasures. I love things that tell a story and vintage has this in spades.

Worst thing would be that they can have stains or be difficult to work with, plus sourcing them is not always straightforward.


L: What are you working on at the moment?

I am working on some new quilted pieces for High Summer 2021.

L: What are you influenced by?

I am influenced by my inherited vintage bags and clothes collection from my Granny. Every collection starts from textile and modern art inspiration and how it can be interpreted into unusual textures and shapes.


To go to Laura's (Elfi) Social page click here and to shop her products click here

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