In Conversation With Dan Hack

Dan and his camera travel the world, capturing breathtaking images, scenery, and scenarios, so I’m delighted to say Designed and Created are selling some of these images as limited edition prints. Dan’s work has been featured in the likes of GQ and Vogue so to have the opportunity to own one of his images is a true honour. Not only a true talent but a true gentleman as well – I couldn’t be happier to showcase his work.

Laura: How did your journey start as an artist?
Dan: I would say I was around 13 when I picked up a camera for the first time and started snapping pics of my mates skateboarding and surfing and most likely any shenanigans any early teenager was up to.

L: How would you describe/explain your work/pieces?
D: I am primarily a lifestyle photographer. I like capturing moments, especially people in those moments before they have had a chance to recognise that I am capturing them. I like to make people feel like they can imagine themselves in that scenario when looking at my images. Or at least make them contemplate or wonder.

L: What’s important to you?
D: Contentment.

L: What are you working on at the moment?
D: Currently getting imagery together to have an exhibition in the coming months. This will be quite tricky in the situation we are living in; however, I don’t shy away from a challenge.

L: What or who influences you?
D: My friends. Daily. Always making me strive to be better. They are probably my biggest fans, and that’s something I wouldn’t want to live without.

L: What was the last piece of design, art, craft you bought and why and who for?
D: The last piece of craft I bought was a gift for my mother. I was on a trip in Marrakech and went strolling through the Medina where I stumbled on a small room down a quiet alley. There was a man in there, hand sculpting large ceramic bowls and painting traditional markings on the edges. The piece was quite a statement and now embellishes my mother’s dining room table. I love finding little hidden gems like this and especially love supporting the smaller local artisans.

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