In Conversation With Verity Hensey

Verity Hensey is one of the most beautiful people I know, inside and out, and her art is stunningly beautiful as well. Verity creates the simplest, unique line drawings where the ink seems to flow effortlessly across the paper to create the unique lines of the body’s silhouette.

Verity grew up within a very creative household with her father, mother and brother all following their love of art in different ways. Starting out in life, Verity was a combination of chemist, model and artist. Verity graduated from Bristol University with a Chemistry Degree while modelling in her spare time. Still modelling today, Verity now travels the world working for some of the top brands. So, who better to know the human body than Verity herself and I think that’s where the magic on the page comes from.

Verity now balances art commissions with modelling and Interior Design from her recent second degree, as if she wasn't busy enough!

 I couldn’t be happier to showcase her work – simple stylish and mesmerising black ink line art. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Laura: How did your journey start as an artist?

Verity: My family have always been quite creative in their hobbies; my dad is a talented drawer and painter; my brother sculpts and is interested in fine art whilst my mum is into every craft imaginable! I think through trial and error I found where my strengths and talents lie. I started painting and drawing in my free time and created pieces that I wanted but couldn’t find on the market then I started getting more and more compliments and commissions.

L: How would you describe/explain your work/pieces?
V: They are simple line drawings that are expressive, elegant and timeless.

L: What’s important to you?
V: I think art should create something from nothing. The beauty lies in how the subject feels about the piece, losing and finding yourself at the same time. It should be cohesive with its environment but be able to stand alone and above all stir up emotions.

L: What are you working on at the moment?
V: I am working on more neutral palette line drawings on linen canvas backgrounds. I would like to explore more themes, textures and colours with the line drawings. I have also started lino printing with an emphasis on confectionary items and drinks – watch this space!

L: What was the last piece of design, art, craft you bought and why and who for?
V: I bought two customised thread rainbows for my best friend’s two little girls! I try to buy consciously in general but especially for gifts and smaller businesses as I think this gives a more personal touch.

L: What or who influences you?
V: Mainly mood and environment. You can get inspiration from everyday items or something you see that day – whether it’s a new colour combination, theme or idea. I enjoy architecture, galleries and destinations to gather mood boards for combinations of textures and colours which give a good context of what kind of art would suit the space.


L: thanks Verity, lovely chatting to you.

Click here to view and buy Verity's work.


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