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Interior Design Is Personal

Lets get personal...

Interior design is a very personal thing, what one person wants to live with is someone else's nightmare. But at Designed and Created I'm a great believer in making your home as unique as you are, it will make you happy trust me! and its not always about trends. Take 3 great personalities (in my opinion) Sophie Robinson of @sophierobinsoninteriors she didn't go with trend when she filled her house with colour & print or Kirstie Allsopp of @kirstieallsopp when she fill's her home with craft and all things vintage and antique. Or another great women Angel Strawbridge @escape_to_the_chateau when she filled her French castle with all her Angel style. So you get the picture making your home a reflection of you and filling it with things you love is really important.

So take my home the front is a Victorian 1861 façade with wood burners and beams that I fill with colour, print and dark wood vintage pieces but the back is more like something you would see from Tom Raffield @tomraffield or @malmo_in_cornwall well not that good but you get the drift its a back extension that's Scandi inspired full of glass and light wood and white everywhere.

As a designer I love colour and print but I also love the outdoors coming in and the love of true craftmanship in woodwork and ceramics etc so I live in a house of two halves. Some people would hate it but I love it, so you see there are no rules

Artist and makers are a great inspiration for how to make your home unique and I follow some great artists and makers that celebrate their style and make their homes as interesting and unique as their work.

Here are a few of my favourites:

I have to start with The Fabled Thread @fabledthread the most talented artist telling stories in the form of needle and thread, full of detail, colour, vibrancy, magic, skill, craft and story telling her house is just an extension of her work

Then there's the simplicity and natural look of Egle @elleyhome 
Her eco friendly textiles and natural colour palete and simple graphics give me that lovely Scandi vibe with her moto we will make the world better one cushion at a time as everthing is made from natural sustainable fabrics and printed here in the UK
Sakina @heyimsakina who literally looks like she is one of her pieces or art. Sakina's art is full of colour, joy and diversity and a love of plants and women lead organisations which is where I connected with her. Joy, honesty, colour & life fill her work and her home.
@pippiandmeceramics potter based in Devon who took her Danish childhood love of grey and beautiful things and has turned them into the most gorgeous ceramics. Well if her home is anything like her studio I'm moving in! Simple, stylish functional pieces I could certainly surround myself with. 
So find your style, know your personality and start filling your home with things you love.
We have a great selection of carefully curated artists and makers pieces just waiting for a new home to help you start filling your space with much loved items, and please do check out the accounts of the above as they certainly are inspirational all in their own unique way
Laura x
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