Izzie Kemp - The Textile Maker

Izzie is a knitted textile maker. She became aware of machine knitting back in the early 2000s as part of her Fashion Design & Textiles degree. But fate had other plans for her and the course was already full. So, unable to join up, Izzie ended up switching to shoe design where she worked in the footwear industry for some years. Skip forward 10 or so years and Izzie and a friend were casually looking into doing some taster courses and machine knitting popped up at Morley College so of course she signed up immediately. The tutor was amazing and Izzie fell in love with it immediately resulting in her work getting exhibited in their annual gallery exhibition. The rest as they say is history.

Read below for more about Izzie's journey towards a textile designer and how she creates her work as I chat to her about her work and her journey. 

Laura: How did your journey start as a Textile Designer? 

I: My journey began with learning the craft of making, that is what really perks my interest and the form is secondary to this.

L: How would you describe/explain your work/pieces?

I: When I look at my work, I see an abstract picture scene, through my eyes the picture has a bottom and a top but to others it may not be the case. I use unexpected shapes, with sometimes smooth or Jagged edging, all the time aware of space and perspective 

L: What's Important to you?

I: I have found colour to be of huge importance to me. I have always been obsessed with colour, I get a lot of enjoyment out of finding a new unusual colourway, I love to team up colours that shouldn't really work together, and how prominent each colour should be. I also like to work with tonal shades.

L: What are you working on at the moment?

I: I am working on some more architectural inspired shapes.  I have been looking at interior spaces, angles in a room even. I am also currently obsessed with some Instagram accounts that capture minimalistic moments of ordinary life. 

L: What or who Influences you?

I: Subconsciously I have been influenced by landscapes, and the sea. Memories of travel. I love and admire the work of other textile crafts like rug and cloth weaving.  I even bought myself a loom a couple of years ago from a work colleague which I am slowly coming to grips with. I would love to do an upholstery course one day too. I like the idea of eventually merging all these crafts together to create the ultimate prize piece for myself.

L: What was the last piece of design, art, craft you bought and why and who for?

I: I bought a Lizzy Stewart print for a housewarming gift; her illustrations make me smile a lot

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