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So this week I'm introducing Lynsay Green of Lynsay Green Art  and you need to prepare yourself to feel happy!

Lynsay is a painter based in Northern Island and she paints the most beautiful, feel good factor art.

I met Lynsay on a course not an art course but a marketing course because like all independent artists these days you are not just the creator but the marketeer, the packer, the accountant, the stockist, tea maker, etc etc 

What is lovely though is when like all independent women you are navigating all of these things when you open up, you meet wonderful like minded people, and that's when Lynsay and I connected.

To me her art took my breath away, but I literally mean it, it stopped me in my tracks and made me smile and think nothing but happy thoughts. I'm a great believer that art is personal but as long as it evokes an emotion in you then that's great art. 

With Lynsay's art you can almost feel every brush stroke and the passion she puts into it and as many of you will already know the best present you can buy me is a bunch of flowers (nothing better than flowers in the house) now the best present is one of Lynsay's paintings as I think it would make you smile every day when your looked at it. 

So here's the WARNING ZONE your about to go into the most wonderful, happy, bright, colourful, joyous, flower zone.

I'm also slightly in love with her paint tray as it takes me back to art school! 

Laura In Conversation with Lynsay:

Hi Lynsay,

Welcome to guest blog, tell us a little bit about you?

Lynsay: I’m a floral and landscape artist from Northern Ireland, I live in a small village with my husband, two children and our dog ‘Phoebe’ who loves to spend time with me in my studio. Creativity is a big part of my life, in my spare time I love to try my hand at anything creative, I have built my own furniture, renovated and designed several houses, upholstered furniture, made soft furnishings and clothes… I have a passion for interiors, fabrics and ceramics too but my true love is Art, painting is where my heart lies.

I’m also a keen walker and make sure to spend time outdoors in nature every day, whether its walking in the countryside, along the coast, in local forests or just spending time in the garden, its that constant connection to nature that fuels me and ultimately inspires my art.

Laura: How did your journey start as an artist?

Lynsay: I studied Art and then interior design at college and continued a daily painting practice for many years until I started a young family. I went on to have a creative career as a visual merchandiser. In my early thirties I unfortunately had an illness which resulted in chronic fatigue, it was so debilitating, I felt so low and anxious that I didn’t have the energy to function a normal life, I was completely burnt out!

It was during this difficult time in my life that I had the strong urge to paint again, I’m so glad I listened to my intuition. I began painting daily, just small sketches. With my return to art began a return to healing… day by day I grew stronger, lighter and happier. I knew I had found my purpose and what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, I strongly believe my painting practice played a huge role in my healing journey. Now, (a good few year since being unwell), I feel the best I have in my life, full of energy and happiness …my art practice continues to enrich my life daily.

Laura: Why Florals?

Lynsay: I love painting Florals, it’s so freeing, expressive and completely intuitive… I never know how they are going to turn out, I just go with the flow, starting with a very rough plan and a colour palette in mind then I just let it evolve… it lets me indulge in my love of colour daily.

Laura: Describe your work in 5 words?

Lynsay: Bright, uplifting, colourful, happy, bold

Laura: What do you enjoy the most about being a Painter?

Lynsay: Oh! Everything! From squeezing out the paint, colour mixing to applying the paint on canvas… even ordering paints lol! But I think overall… it’s the energy I feel when I paint… it’s difficult to put into words but it’s such a positive feeling, full of happiness and love..

Laura: What or Who Influences You?

Lynsay: I am fuelled by nature, my daily walks help to inspire my paintings. I also paint Irish landscapes, so getting out and exploring our countryside has a big influence on my painting, being in my garden also inspires me, I’ve a small courtyard outside my studio, full of bright, colourful flowers and plants, I love to sit out there and sketch the birds that visit. I’m also influenced by love of interiors, fabric and pattern which can help guide my colour palettes.

 Laura: Tell us about your hearts?

Lynsay: My hearts were a passion project during the lockdowns here; they came about from the need to continue my creativity during a time when I was home schooling… a stressful time for us all… as I only had small pockets of time to paint, I wanted to create something that was fun and meaningful, I think during that time I was thinking a lot about family, friendships and connections and how important they are to us all, the idea of the heart came about from that. They make wonderful original gifts and have been a joy for me to paint.

Laura: What's your next project? What have you got coming up?

Lynsay: I am working on a new collection of paintings I will be releasing in September the theme is ‘Garden’, At the minute I’m at the gathering inspiration stage….preparing colour palettes, swatches and making preliminary sketches.

I will be launching my print shop at the end of July too. Offering a selected line of florals and landscape in several sizes, all printed on beautiful archival papers.

Laura: What do you do when you're not painting?


Lynsay: I love gardening and sitting outside in the fresh air with a cuppa and a good book. I walk daily…long walks along our beaches, forests, countryside…anything that keeps me close to nature…I also love a bit of interior decorating!


Laura: Where can we buy your work?

Lynsay: My art is available from my website and I also have my art represented in several local galleries too.

Laura: thank you Lynsay, your work inspires me to get painting again

Please do go follow Lynsay  and say hi, and visit her website above to buy one of her wonderful pieces and also those hearts make great presents to loved ones and don't forget her print shop opens soon.

And please do take the time to comment on this blog below and tell us what you think as we love to know people are reading them and finding out about new artists and makers


Laura x


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