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Welcome to Designed and Created, the shop that celebrates the creativity of designers and makers, giving you the opportunity to buy a handmade piece for your home that is, in many cases, completely unique.

I'm Laura Martino, the inspiration behind Designed and Created. I am the curator, art and design selector and story-teller driving this project.

After graduating with a fashion degree, for over 25 years I have worked through hundreds of demanding creative projects for global brands and now want to apply what I have learnt about design excellence and promoting it, by setting up a business of my own. I have taken the opportunity to follow my passion by selecting handmade items and showcasing them. I’m searching for visually arresting design, artist’s work that has references to nature, work that’s unique. I will meet designers and creators and share their stories with you.

From my online shop you have the opportunity to buy something that has been lovingly designed and made by a person whose story you have shared. I hope you will find it’s a shop with a difference - a shop where you know exactly where your purchase has come from.  

A shop that's about who has designed and created what you have bought.

A shop that encourages you make your home as unique as you are.

As sustainability becomes increasingly important to us all, my aim is to reuse and recycle as much packaging as possible, rather than recreating from new what is already available. So, whilst your art will be beautifully wrapped and protected, it may arrive carefully packed into a repurposed shoe box or other such recycled packaging. Where I do have to use new packaging, I will be using eco-friendly products such as eco-bubble wrap and acid-free tissue paper.

So, if you do receive a shoebox in the post, don't judge a book by its cover. It will have your piece of art hand wrapped with love inside!

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