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Helen Martino has been a potter for over 40 years. Helen’s journey to becoming a renowned potter started when she went to Farnham School of Art and then onto the Central School in London where she achieved her ceramics degree. She then moved to Cambridge with a young family where she was lucky enough to create a studio within her own home.

Forty years on and this is where she still works today – looking out onto her garden in all weathers, creating amazing form, fun and functional pieces.

Helen started her career as a functional potter making batches of domestic pots on the wheel. However, over the years she has developed her own unique style of producing a variety of functional and non-functional pieces. So today Helen has a wide range of work – from harlequin vase bowls to teapot vases, bird vessels through to wall hung ceramics – all unique and handmade by Helen.

Helen has an absolute love of working with clay – from the process of making to the creativity of decoration. This love of clay hasn’t waned in over forty years. Helen’s unique style involves working with hand cut sheets of white stoneware that are freely cut, joined together and hand decorated using a variety of techniques – not forgetting her use of silver, gold or copper leaf lustre.

Now a renowned potter in the UK and exhibiting and selling internationally, it amazed me that when chatting to Helen, she said, “I am still learning and developing new ideas and I feel very lucky to be a potter.” For me, to still love what you do every day, forty years on, is truly testament in itself. I’m very proud to call her both my mother-in-law and an amazing potter.

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