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Izzie became aware of machine knitting back in the early 2000s as part of her Fashion Design & Textiles degree. But fate had other plans for her and the course was already full. So, unable to join up, Izzie ended up switching to shoe design where she worked in the footwear industry for some years. Skip forward 10 or so years and Izzie and a friend were casually looking into doing some taster courses and machine knitting popped up at Morley College so of course she signed up immediately. The tutor was amazing and Izzie fell in love with it immediately resulting in her work getting exhibited in their annual gallery exhibition. The rest as they say is history. Read below for more about Izzie's journey towards a knit textile designer

After completing a degree in footwear design and taking up a course on machine knitting, Izzie became a freelance knitter and at the same time started working for a Scottish cashmere company in a non-creative role. Throughout this time Izzie was selling her own knitwear while she continued to hone her skills and techniques (thanks to many You tube videos). Whilst acquiring skills she also acquired many hand-powered machines through either eBay or friends’ grandmothers as she went. Eventually using a Knitmaster machine (hardwearing & Reliable) which Izzie still uses today. Izzie's career has taken her from footwear design to cashmere companies and now furniture but throughout this time she has made and sold her own knitted textiles. Like so many of us during the first Covid lockdown she gained the time to really concentrate on her own creativity and after making some fun cushions for her own home Izzie decided to add these to her range.

Each cushion is truly a one off. Izzie creates them from scratch directly on the machine as opposed to designing beforehand, Izzie enjoys and embraces the spontaneity of this practice.  

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