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Vici Sinkinson studied visual communication at Bath Spa University College specialising in her final year in print making before embarking on a career in children’s book publishing. A true all-round creative, Vici is now a self-taught embroiderer and has a passion for interiors and fashion and we couldn’t be happier to have her as part of Designed and Created.

Vici has spent the last 16 years as a graphic designer of children’s books, but had a deep desire to step away from the computer and start using her hands again. With a love of textiles, picking up a needle and thread Vici started doing embroidered portraits, each with their own personality and character. Before long, her warrior women were born. They are a playful pastiche on Victorian portraitures, but so much more. Vici has a natural flair to tell stories (after 16 years illustrating books it's hardly surprising) and this story-telling shines through with these finished embroideries. Full of life, colour and texture, they are intriguing and beautiful and strong and bring all of Vici’s talents and loves together to create something unique for your home.

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